All Rorschach’s Are One Of A Kind

Rorschach’s are made on

  • Caravaggio Cotton/Linen Canvas Roll, Medium
  • Acrylic Primed Double Weave

Type of paint used (Oils & Acrylic)


Michael Harding Artists Paints

Williamsburg Paints

Type Of Sealant

Natural Earth Paint Varnish

*photos are for examples only

*artist name will be hand signed on back of canvas NOT digitally printed on front side

We can discuss color preference through email, however you also have the option of allowing me to create through flow, and let it be something that manifests in the moment intuitively.

Available sizes (if you have a certain size you need to fit a wall we can discuss adjusting price to that specific size)

18x24in $4,444

24x36in $6,666

36x48in $8,888

66x48in $11,111

83x360in $22,222

“Egyptian Goddess ”

“Twin face”
“Divine sexual energy”
“Depths of the energy inside me”
“Eagle Wings”
“Philosophy 1”
“Philosophy 2”
“One nature”
“Akashic records”
“Unconditional love”



Phone- 619-414-0392

Social(Instagram)- @theworldislove__art